Liverpool to continue with their transfer window plans amid FSG sale rumors

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Liverpool‘s transfer window plans to go through amid of FSG’s intentions to sell the club to a possible new buyer. Amid the search for a new buyer, the transferred business is said to continue as it was always planned for the Reds. This news should come as a relief to Liverpool coach Klopp, as he looks forward to signing new players this window who will help to improve the team’s performance. Liverpool’s performance this season has been a bit downer for their fans. The team have suffered from injury problems for the regular starters of the team.

Liverpool higher-ups comments on the plans for the transfer window

Liverpool were expected to try and sign new players this transfer window. The fans were a bit worried after the intentions of sale came out as monetary support will be needed. Tom Werner, the club’s chairman commented on this when asked by Boston Globe,

“We’re exploring a sale, but there’s no urgency, no time frame for us, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual,”

The Reds will look forward to try and sign new midfielders this window. With Jude Bellingham being possibly available this window, the Reds will try to sign the English midfielder.

Liverpool looks unlikely to spend as much as Manchester City or Manchester United. But this statement from the higher-ups have given some hope to the fans of the Club.

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