Liverpool vs Arsenal: Pundits unanimously agree over the penalty decision

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The previous weekend’s Arsenal vs Liverpool match had its fair shares of controversy

Liverpool were defeated 3-2 by Arsenal over the weekend, this remains the hot topic of discussion as we head out to matchday eleven of the Premier League. It was an impressive performance by Arsenal, no doubt, but Liverpool also were not bad. Liverpool did lack intensity but held on for the match. It looked like Liverpool vs Arsenal would end in a draw. However, this didn’t happen as Arsenal were handed a penalty in the 75th minute of the game. Bukayako Saka finished it calmly to hand Arsenal a 3-2 victory over Liverpool, However, this penalty has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Moreover, this decision is one of the many poor decisions given by the referees so far this season.

The decision for the penalty remains a major talking point of the match. Sky Sports pundits Jamie Redknapp, Paul Merson, and John Barnes were all talking about in the post-match analysis. The three pundits had differing opinions about how Liverpool players reacted. However, they were unanimous in their ruling of the penalty as a ‘soft decision’. Redknapp said (as transcribed by football. london):

“I think it’s a soft penalty, we can agree on that but how Liverpool defended there, there was no urgency and I think that goal sums up where Liverpool are as a unit. No one’s taking responsibility, no ones pressing, no ones trying to win tackles….”

Merson agreed with Redknapp and added:

“I would say soft. I called it straight away, he has kicked the back of his foot, if you do that I’d call it a penalty. I’d call it a home penalty but with VAR it doesn’t matter.”

Former Liverpool player Barnes further added:

“I think it’s very soft, it’s a very soft penalty. Yes there is contact but contact doesn’t mean it’s a penalty.”

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