Liverpool’s Next Maestro: Dominik Szoboszlai Poised to Emulate Pirlo’s Brilliance!

Liverpool have signed a bunch of talent in the near past and almost everyone has paid off. They even signed four midfielders in the last summer transfer and all are looking decent till now. However, one player has been really impressive with his pace and indefatigable running throughout the park. Dominik Szoboszlai, who Liverpool signed from RB Leipzig, is tipped to be the next Andrea Pirlo.

The Italian maestro was one of the best of his generation and definition of coolness on the ball. He made football look easy. The way he glided on the pitch, and sprayed passes from left to right. Over the last two decades, Pirlo was definitely one of those players who set the benchmark for what is to be expected from a midfielder.

Is Dominik Szoboszlai really the next big thing like Pirlo?

The accolades of Andrea Pirlo are just irreplaceable. He won the World Cup, the Champions League twice and the Serie A six times in his career. There are few players in world football who can compete with that horde of trophies. However, Italian coach Marco Rossi believes that the Hungarian can be a heir to the legacy carried by Pirlo. Indeed, Rossi is a man seeing Dominik stepping up as a player for the Hungary national team.

He is the man watching Szoboszlai since his childhood and is mych qualified to speak about him than anyone else. He said,

“If he wants to, he can be the next Andrea Pirlo. He kicks the ball perfectly even fifty or sixty meters, he handles the ball well, he sees the field very well, he is fast and now he is strengthening Liverpool.

He is free to play as an attacking midfielder in the national team. When he touches the ball, he has such a quality that if he was ten or fifteen meters back, his play could make an even bigger difference.”

Although the Liverpool man played most of his professional career in a more advanced role, his days in academy saw him as a no.6 as well. If he can transit into that role in future, it will be interesting to vigil his attributes.

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