Lucas Podolski urges Arteta to sign this world-class striker for Arsenal this summer

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Lukas Podolski has urged the Arsenal boss to sign Erling Haaland this summer.

The German superstar was a fan favorite while he was at this club. He played for Arsenal for three years. Still, the Arsenal fans cherish the German. Moreover, from his interviews, it is understood that he still regularly follows the English club.

Therefore, Arteta knows this club fairly well. That is why he has some advice for his former club. He wants Arsenal to rise to the levels that it once was under Arsene Wenger.

He, in an interview with, said,”

Haaland is an interesting player for everyone because I think he has a release clause and there are not a lot of clubs who can pay that. Of course, the English clubs have it and I’d be happy if he got an offer from Arsenal.”

“I think, first of all, Arsenal need a No.9. We don’t have a proper No.9. Then, it would be great for the fans, for everyone at the club to make the next step for Arsenal.”

“Let’s see what happens to him (Haaland). Arsenal won’t be the only club that would send an offer to Borussia Dortmund. Let’s wait a couple of weeks more and see what decision he’ll take from his side.”

Can Arsenal pick up Haaland this summer?

Arsenal are in need of a good striker and picking up Haaland would be perfect in that sense.

The Norwegian has proven his worth in the Bundesliga this season. He has 25 goals in the 27 appearances that he made for Borussia Dortmund this season.

Haaland will definitely be on the move this summer. His release clause is also not spectacular- a mere 63 million euros with respect to his standards.

Though, the release clause will not be of many problems to Arsenal. All the top clubs of Europe are eager to sign him where Arsenal could not stand a chance.

Therefore, signing Haaland remains a distant dream for Arsenal.

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