Cyber criminal exposes illegal activities in Man City case

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A few years ago, authorities charged Manchester City with over 115 charges for disguising equity funds as sponsorship contributions. UEFA banned City for 2-years from the Champions league before the Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned the outcome. New information has surfaced now, as the creator of “Football leaks” has sworn to provide evidence against illegal activities at City. He is Rui Pinto, Portuguese Cyber Crime department arrested him for hacking related offences in a 4-year sentence. Rui Pinto is now free and has been asked to speak against the City group. The rumor says he has more than 10 thousand documents related to Man City. Reportedly Pinto gave more evidence about other clubs’ hideous activities too. Pinto had encountered with these documents while he was in his hacking business. Football pundits however rubbish these claims since this news is running in news outlets who are not credible.

Manchester City confident of winning case: Rubbish claims of 115 charges

In response to Pinto, Manchester City have rubbished these claims of 115 charges. The club assures their fans that they have concrete proof supporting their innocence. Court of Arbitration have cleared City of any wrongdoing. If found guilty, the English championships will face points deduction or even ban from the league. Man City have launched a legal battle against the Premier League as they push for the removal of APT rules. The parties against the club have not released the documents yet, files will be published at some point. Pinto previously leaked plans between clubs to attempt to form the Super league. He revealed the details of salaries of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The hearing date is on Autumn this year. The Portuguese criminal has also produced evidence against PSG before.

Pep Guardiola’s success at the Manchester City is hanging over the 115 charges. Such large amount of charges are like nothing seen before in the Premier league. If proven guilty, it will taint the empire built by Sheikh Mansour. The decision of the court not only affects Manchester City but also Girona, Melbourne City, Mumbai City, NY City, Yokohama F Marinos, Montevideo City, and Sichuan Jiuniu who are also part of the City empire. Fans of all these clubs are in an emotional turmoil and distress because of the possibility of proven guilty. Fans are eagerly waiting for the decision and hoping it is in their favor. Manchester City start their preseason tour from July 24th against Celtic. Former Man City advisor speaking to iNews says;

“Can Man City face relegation? It appears increasingly likely after the handling of sporting advantage in the Everton and Nottingham Forest PSR cases. It feels like everything has been said until the case is heard.”

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