Manchester City: Savic and Grealish kept into a “Small” rumble

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Manchester City faced Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final. The tie ended up going City’s way as the Guardiola-led side won 1-0. The second leg ended in a goalless draw which infuriated the Atletico players. Guardiola switched tactics in the second half to time-wasting and the Atletico Madrid players received their own medication. Jack Grealish and Stefan Savic caught themselves in a sticky situation after the match.

It all started with the City players starting to waste time in the second half. This angered the Atleti players. Things escalated dramatically when Phil Foden fell on the ground after an alleged tackle. Savic and Felipe started taunting Foden and the City players started gathering around. Soon, a small rumble ensued and things escalated from there.

Savic was pulling Grealish’s hair while Foden was on the ground. After the game things went a step further. Savic confronted Grealish. Both players were going at each other verbally that Police officers had to step in.

Fletcher gives his view

Fletcher gave his views after the whole tussle and further insight on the issue.

“As the players were leaving the tunnel, Jack Grealish was walking down the tunnel then Stefan Savic caught up with him and all of a sudden there was a commotion right at the mouth of the tunnel.”

“At that point a lot of people came running into that area and the two players, Savic and Grealish, disappeared from my view Very, very quickly after that four police officers came charging to that area as well and there was quite a commotion down there”

“I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened inside the tunnel because I can’t see it, but it was Stefan Savic involved again, Jack Grealish the Man City player that was trying to leave the field, but another unsavoury situation here and very symptomatic of what we saw the last 15 minutes.”

Grealish had the last laugh as his side progressed into the Semifinals of the Champions League.

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