Manchester City : Simeone takes in a disrespectful tone against Guardiola

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Manchester City clashed with Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. The match ended in a goalless draw. However, City are moving into the Semi-final as they have won on aggregate 1-0.

The City players had switched their tactics to wasting time and infuriated the Atletico players. Both sets of players were found in a rumble after the game with Savic and Grealish spearheading both teams.

Diego Simeone explodes at Press Conference

Diego Simeone has exploded at Guardiola during the post-match conference. Simeone crossed the line and entered the field and got booked a yellow card. The Argentine replied explosively when asked if he felt disrespected by Guardiola’s tactics.

“I don’t have to have that sort of opinion. I don’t think he will talk badly or talk well. Often, people who talk really well, and are really clever, they manage to praise you with contempt. But those of us who perhaps have a smaller vocabulary are not so stupid either.”

He was further asked why he did not applaud the City fans to which he replied,

“I never applauded the rival bench or our rivals,” he insisted. “I was applauding our fans in one side of the stadium and the other side of the stadium, I was applauding everyone who was behind us for the whole of the 90 minutes and I wanted to give them my thanks.

Our players were giving the people that energy and the people were giving it back, but of course we couldn’t give them what we all wanted which was going through.”

The Aftermath

Simeone and Atletico Madrid employ ” Parking the Bus” tactics. This is highly anti-football as they do not score goals and just defend and defend. Manchester City encountered this in the first leg and managed to score a goal. However, City employed their tactics against them in the second leg. This infuriated the players and caused an unwanted rumble. The Atletico players had to put their heads down and score a goal but they went on to tussle with the City players, which was what City were aiming with their game. Essentially, Atletico caused their own downfall and have to suck up to it.

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