Manchester City unhappy with 100m signing

Grealish City, Six Sports

Manchester City are unhappy with 100m signing Jack Grealish. Owing to lackluster performance over the course of the season, the City camp is unhappy with Grealish.

Bought for a price of 100m, Jack Grealish entered the Etihad with a huge price over his head. A talented winger, Grealish was the star man at his previous club Aston Villa. Villa had to depend on the winger’s creativity to create chances through the left flank. In 26 appearances last season, he managed to find the back of the net 6 times and assist 10 more times. The consistent performances in Grealish piqued the interest of the Cityzens. However, he has failed to impress the City camp so far.

City were convinced that Grealish was the missing piece of the Jigsaw when they signed him. However, due to his poor form and inability to adapt to Pep Guardiola‘s playstyle, The City camp is having second thoughts. The cause of his poor form can be a lot of reasons:- an unknown playstyle, being one of the outstanding players in the club. Grealish was the star man at Villa however in City he is one among many.

The Verdict

Jack Grealish is an outstanding player. While he may not be someone who reminds you of being the best player in a team, He certainly is a very special player. Grealish possesses something that can be described as the X-Factor. People are unnaturally drawn toward him. A good example of this would be the Euros, where people quite literally were begging Southgate to play him in the team. And coincidentally, he was one of the main reasons why England were able to reach the finals.

Grealish City, Six Sports

Recently, people have been doubting Grealish due to his poor form but this is quite reactionary. Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva at the time of arrival didn’t play well. However, this quickly changed the following year. Silva and Mahrez are among the best players in the league. There is no doubt that Grealish would catch up next season and prove everyone wrong. City have signed an outstanding player whose benefits they are going to reap soon.

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