Manchester United 0-1 Aston Villa Post Match Analysis

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Manchester United faced Aston Villa in the recent Game Week of the Premier League. This game was played at Old Trafford, Manchester United lost the game. While having nearly 60% of the possession of the ball during the game, the team still lost shockingly. While many would state this would just be their first loss in the league and them being joint second in the league. Manchester United have only one out of their last 4 games during their entire season. It is just one loss in the league but it does display something else about Manchester United.

During the Manchester United vs Aston Villa game, it could be seen that the club is still adjusting to Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester while last season focusing on Bruno Fernandes who was their attacking and creative output. This season they will need to make sure most of the plays either include or end with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Current Form Of Manchester United

Since their 4-1 victory against Newcastle, Manchester United form has been LWLL. This doesn’t seem that good due to the club current strength and spending during the transfer window. Manchester United in the recent games lost to Young Boys and West Ham and are already out of the EFL Cup. While the club has gone back to their 4-2-3-1 formation with two deep pivots. Players like Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are not thriving as they did in the League. The team as a whole haven’t even been clinical in front of goal. The defence is at the best it has been for a few years. The team still can’t score goals as easily as they wished to do so.

Manchester United 0-1 Aston Villa Post Match Analysis, Six Sports

Aston Villa Slipped One Past Manchester United

Aston Villa against Manchester United deployed a 3-5-2 formation and decided to play a more counter-attacking style of play. Manchester United are known to be quite lethal on the counter-attack and attacking transition. Due to this Aston Villa were willing to play the long game and find the right moment to score. During the rest of the time defend the ball and try to break the press. During the game, Manchester United had taken 28 shots to the 7 shots by Aston Villa.

It must be said the injury of Luke Shaw did change quite the dynamic of the game. After Diego Dalot came on, he didn’t push as high as Luke Shaw. The penalty miss by Bruno Fernandes during the 93rd minute didn’t allow Manchester United to Scratch and claw a point which would have gotten them on top of the League.

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