Manchester United willing to pay £131m to sign superstar

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Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag wants to sign young superstar Jude Bellingham

Add Manchester United as another club trying to poach Jude Bellingham away from Borussia Dortmund. However, Manchester United’s interest in Bellingham is not recent. It dates back to when Bellingham was a youth player playing for Bellingham. According to the Athletic, Manchester United came very close to poaching Bellingham away from Birmingham before his move to Dortmund.

Manchester United has identified Jude Bellingham as a signing who can help them win silverware consistently. United are fifth in the league after winning four successive league games. However, to consistently challenge for trophies, they need to do more. So, they are going to go all out for Bellingham in 2023. And according to the article by the Athletic, Bellingham is a necessity for the rebuild to take place. If United are successful in acquiring Bellingham, they have at least one player nailed down in their starting eleven for at least ten more years to come.

However, it will not be easy for United to get a hold of Bellingham. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Real Madrid are going to try hard to get Bellingham to play for them. Moreover, Dortmund seems to keep on increasing his asking price every time he performs well. Currently, Dortmund wants £131m from the sale of Bellingham. Bellingham’s value will keep on increasing in the period leading up to the summer transfer window. Bellingham will easily be the most expensive British signing if some club pries him away from Dortmund. Moreover, Manchester United owners, the Glazers family, are willing to back Erik Ten Hag on this transfer decision. The ever-increasing price of Bellingham might mean that Manchester United find themselves as the sole pursuers of Bellingham.

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