Mane sent a blunt message over transfer to Bayern

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Ally Mccoist has dubbed Sadio Mane’s decision to leave Liverpool as “very strange”

Sadio Mane is all set to join Bayern this summer. He has agreed on a three-year deal with the German club. The transfer deal is worth €32m without add-ons. The German giants are set to present Mane on Wednesday

Liverpool initially had rejected an offer worth £21m for Mane. The forward leaves the Merseyside club after an outstanding campaign. Mane scored 16 goals in 34 premier league games. He was also vital in Liverpool’s campaign for the EFL Cup and the FA cup.

Mane has scored 120 times in his 269 appearances for Liverpool. He has been an integral part of Jurgen Klopp’s since his arrival from Southampton in 2016

Mane’s move to Bayern has this pundit flummoxed

Scottish legend and former Suderland player Ally McCoist has a few questions for Mane regarding his move to Bayern.

The Pundit, in an interview to TalkSport had the following to say about the transfer

“Why is Mane doing it, is it for financial reasons? I don’t know, that’s the question we can’t answer,”

Is it because he wants to play in another country? Possibly. Is he going to a better league? No.

“Is Mane going to a more competitive league? No. Is he going to a better team? No. I find it very strange.”:

“The only thing I can see is the lure, the size of the club, Bayern Munich, is that something he’s always wanted to do?”

“I could actually understand it more if it had been Real Madrid or Barcelona. I could understand that a little bit more, because of maybe the lure of one of those clubs, particularly Real Madrid.

“I don’t get it, maybe Mane just wants a fresh challenge. Maybe he just feels that he’s [gone] a little bit stale, and that I can appreciate.”

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