Martin Keown predicts where the North London clubs will finish

Arsenal Martin Keown Spurs, Six Sports

Arsenal have increased their chances of finishing top 4 after securing a win over Aston Villa thanks to Bukayo Saka. Saka scored the only goal of the evening helping them register their 17th win of the season.

Champions League and Arsenal

The win has taken them a step further to Champions League Football. Arsenal haven’t played in the Champions League since 2016. Mikel Arteta and his men are in hopes to change their fortune this season.

Arsenal have a 3 point lead over Tottenham and a 4 point lead over Manchester United and also have a game in hand against both. Arsenal still have to face Chelsea and Spurs in the coming weeks and this would prove to make or break for the Gunners.

Arsenal Martin Keown Spurs, Six Sports

Martin Keown believes Spurs will finish top 4 over Arsenal this season. Spurs have a considerably easier set of fixtures in the coming weeks and he believes Spurs have the edge over Arsenal.

Speaking to BT Sport on Saturday, He said

“Now there’s a lot of games ahead and I still put Spurs as favorites to make top four. Let’s see if they can do it. Arsenal, we have now got to see, but when I look at the fixtures and I see games away at Chelsea, Spurs, it’s tough. It’s in Arsenal’s hands and if they keep performing as they are they can do it.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on the Arsenal players. I said they are rebuilding their reputation and sometimes they’ve been guilty of too many pats on the back and they’ve lost concentration. Is it different now? They have to show it.

I like the look of the run-in for Spurs.”

Arsenal takes on Crystal Palace on April 4. Spurs will take on Newcastle on 3rd April.

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