Mature Sarfaraz aims to live in the present even as he aspires to play for India  

Sarfaraz Khan, Six Sports

Sarfaraz Naushad Khan is an Indian cricketer who has played for India. He was included in the Under 19 team and has played a good amount of matches in IPL. He is an aggressive batsman and can spin part-time.

Sarfaraz Khan aspires to play for India.

Sarfaraz Khan played under 19 when he was 15 years old. But now he has turned older, he is nowhere in the picture. Selectors seemed to have moved on from him. He had lots of ups and downs and this variation made him hide from the eyes of the selector. But after 2 years he seemed to have regained his confidence and performed well through the bat. Last 2 years of Ranji’s Trophy season, he started to score pretty well. 2019-2020 season he scored 900+ runs in only six matches and since then there is no looking back for this young talent. He has added 2000 more runs to his first-class stats since that season. He has even scored triple hundred for Mumbai.

He aspires to play for India. His dream of playing is taking shape. After a long period of time, his name was included in the test series against New Zealand A. Following t20 world selectors may try him as a young talent in the team. The way he is scoring runs he cant be sidelined anymore. Indian test team batting lineup in kind of uncertain. Having played so many combinations in the middle order a question arises for consistency. He can be included in the middle order.

Sarfaraz Khan Statements

I got everything very soon in my life. Ups and downs are inevitable in sports. And in cricket, it is a matter of one ball. When everything goes down, you ultimately fall back on your family. They were the ones who gave me the confidence that I can make a comeback. Every time I go to the crease, I follow the mantra that my dad preached to me — when you face a bowler spend some time to analyse what he is doing, settle on the wicket and then start playing the natural game. I have all the shots, but what is the point of it if I don’t spend time in the middle to play them? It is like driving a car. You can’t go to fifth gear straightaway. You may need to slow down. Then again start all over again.”

It is important to know there are ups and downs because that is when you learn. You need that in life. If you ask any small boy who is playing cricket, he would say the dream is to play for India. I also have that dream. But you shouldn’t think about it and let that affect your performance.

Last couple of seasons I have been scoring well, but that is not enough. I’m aware that I will also fail in some matches. I won’t be scoring hundreds every match, so when there is an opportunity to make a big score, I should be doing that. I won’t say I’m satisfied. I would say happy with what I have done, but there is a lot more to do. I’m happy with what I’m doing in the Ranji Trophy because it is a very difficult tournament to score runs… you come across different conditions and different opponents every week. When I perform well in those, I feel happy

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