Max Verstappen and Red Bull become targets of online abuse

Max Verstappen Ferrari

The formula 1 community also has its share of toxic fans that want to use the online platforms to target others. Max Verstappen has been a frequent target of such online abuse.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen were involved in a rather big controversy after the Brazilian GP. The team orders rift between the teammates led to some serious speculations and rumors on the internet.

Regardless, the online platform is a place that is not completely regulated. People and fans can keep their views and that too without any filter. After the happenings of Brazilian GP, things were particularly more heated surrounding Max Verstappen and his “reasons“.

Even after Perez and red bull made it clear the speculations are still not over. Perez also made it clear that he “regretted” making those comments.

Regardless, the hate against red bull and Verstappen in particular continues on the social media platform.

Out of the comments directed at Verstappen, 20% were abusive, and 9% are labeled “high risk“. On the other hand, red bull received 14% of the comments as abusive with 4% categorized as “high risk“.

Other media personalities were also not exempted from the abuse. Online media personalities like Will Buxton also faced similar levels of online abuse like Max Verstappen.

F1 has taken many steps to stop the abuse. The campaigns are already running in the community to stop the hate and abuse. The biggest problem remains the unregulated nature of these social media platforms.

We at Six Sports are determined to stop the hate as much as possible. We appeal to you to don’t retweet toxic/hate-spreading tweets or share such Instagram posts. Together we can make the social platform free of toxicity and hate.

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