Maxwel Cornet: A New Life at West Ham United Under Julen Lopetegui

Maxwel Cornet’s time at West Ham United have been nothing short of tumultuous. Since his arrival from Burnley, the Ivorian winger has struggled to make a significant impact at the London Stadium, playing a mere 957 minutes of football. Despite his evident talent and previous exploits, Cornet has found it challenging to secure a consistent spot in David Moyes’s lineup, leaving fans and analysts alike baffled by his lack of game time.

The decision to retain Cornet during the January transfer window raised eyebrows, especially as he was hardly featured thereafter. Moyes’s apparent reluctance to deploy the 27-year-old winger seemed inexplicable, leading to growing frustration for Cornet. His plea for more opportunities fell on deaf ears, further compounding his discontent. Yet, the dawn of a new era under Julen Lopetegui offers a glimmer of hope for the pacey winger.

Maxwel Cornet influence on the game

Cornet’s ability to influence games at the highest level is well-documented. His blistering pace, combined with his agility and directness, makes him a potent threat when fully fit. During his stints with Lyon and Burnley, Cornet demonstrated his knack for delivering in crucial moments. Notably, he holds an impressive record against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, second only to Lionel Messi in goals scored against the Premier League giants. This statistic alone underscores his quality and potential impact at West Ham.

The arrival of Julen Lopetegui could be the catalyst Cornet needs to revive his career at West Ham. The 57-year-old Spaniard is known for his meticulous approach and keen eye for talent. He has expressed a desire to assess every player during pre-season meticulously, providing a fresh start for many, including Cornet. This clean slate could be pivotal for the Ivorian, who is under contract with Hammers until the summer of 2027.

Cornet’s versatility is another significant asset that Lopetegui could leverage. While naturally a winger, he is equally adept at playing on either flank or can serve as an auxiliary striker. This flexibility could prove invaluable for West Ham, particularly given their current depth issues on the left wing and the need for reliable backup for Jarrod Bowen on the right. Cornet’s ability to feature in multiple positions would provide Lopetegui with tactical options and help manage the squad’s workload over a long season.

The financial aspect of the deal

Integrating Cornet into the squad could also be a strategic move to enhance his market value. His current valuation has undoubtedly suffered due to limited playing time and visibility. By giving him regular minutes and opportunities to showcase his abilities, West Ham could potentially increase his worth, making a future sale more profitable should they decide to part ways eventually.

Moreover, Cornet’s speed and attacking prowess align well with Lopetegui’s preferred style of play. The former Wolves boss favors a dynamic, high-tempo approach, which suits Cornet’s strengths. If given the chance to adapt and thrive under Lopetegui’s system, Cornet could rediscover the form that once made him a standout player in Ligue 1 and the Premier League.

There is a sense of cautious optimism surrounding Cornet’s prospects under Lopetegui. The Ivorian winger has endured a challenging period, but the change in management provides a timely opportunity for redemption. With the right support and a fair shot at proving himself, Cornet could indeed become a key player for West Ham, injecting much-needed pace and creativity into their attacking setup.


Maxwel Cornet’s journey at West Ham have been far from smooth, but the arrival of Julen Lopetegui brings new hope. The Spaniard’s fresh perspective and willingness to evaluate every player could be exactly what Cornet needs to turn his fortunes around. If Cornet seizes this opportunity, he might not only resurrect his career but also become a crucial asset for the Hammers in the upcoming season. As fans and pundits watch closely, the stage is set for Cornet to potentially emerge as a revitalized force under Lopetegui’s guidance.

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