Michael Holding refused to accept the T20 format as cricket

Michael Holding, Six Sports

Former West Indies pace bowler and commentator Michael Holding criticized the Indian Premier League (IPL). He refused to accept T20 cricket. “I only commentate on cricket,” said Holding in an interview to Indian Express when asked the reason behind him not commentating at the cash-rich T20 league.

I am glad, I am on the way out. Because they are slowly but surely destroying the game. I wouldn`t even try to honor that with a proper response. Do you want to cut out bouncers from the game? Okay, well, stop footballers from heading the ball because that gives them concussions as well. And that is a study that has proven to be correct,” added Holding.

Holding questions the T20 Leagues like IPL

The old-school fast bowler minced no words when he said that winning a T20 tournament was not the revival of a team because it was not even cricket. He blamed the format for the West Indies’ situation in Test cricket and also went on to add that he did not commentate in the Indian Premier League for the same reason. 

Michael Holding, Six Sports

Many West Indies players are not interested in playing for West Indies. When you are earning 600,000 or 800,000 dollars for six weeks, what are you going to do? I don’t blame the cricketers. I blame the administrators. West Indies will win T20 tournaments which aren’t cricket,” said Holding. 

Michael Holding on Virat Kohli

The 67-years-old has compared the Indian captain Virat Kohli to Viv Richards but said Kohli has to tone down a bit as he gets carried away with the emotions on the field. 

Michael Holding, Six Sports

Virat Kohli is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s someone who will let you know exactly how he feels. I think he gets a bit carried away at times. But that is Virat Kohli, that is the man. He’s similar to Viv (Richards) in that regard. Viv, sometimes on the field, was over-expressive. But those are the personalities of those two gentlemen. They can tone down a little bit as well, but then, if you are a Mustang, it’s hard to tell a Mustang to trot. He’s going to gallop,” added Holding. 

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