Michael Schumacher health: Old friend provides an update

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Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has been in a coma for almost a decade now with no clear updates on his health.

Michael Schumacher is admired by many as regarded as the Greatest driver ever in Formula 1. The German won seven world championships showcasing some of the most dominant eras in F1.

However, the legend met a horrific accident back in 2013 during skiing. The ex-Ferrari driver ended up in a coma and is still recovering with little to no updates on his current condition.

Regardless, the fans keep on pondering and praying for his recovery.

Now, his old friend and former team owner Eddie Jordan has provided an update on the health of Michael Schumacher. The 74-year-old provided F1 with the legendary driver after giving Michael Schumacher his maiden drive in 1991.

Jordan sympathized with Mick Schumacher over his father who has been unconscious for almost ten years now. He said:

“It can’t be easy knowing that your father is not able to be part of the family.”

Jordan continued to detail Schumacher Sr. is “there but he’s not there”.

The Irishman then reminisced about his time with Schumacher and how he put all his efforts to get Schumacher on track in an F1 car:

“Maybe it was the right thing that happened, but it touched me because I felt so much about Michael,” said Jordan. “I went out of my way to find him, give him his first chance in Spa, didn’t last very long but that love for him still lasts and will always do so while I’m able to draw breath.”

The health update around Schumacher Sr. remains scarce. This leaves many fans to wonder on how well actually Michael Schumacher is doing?

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