Michail Antonio has claimed that he hates Arsenal fans

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Michail Antonio has said in a recent interview that he hates Arsenal fans. The West Ham striker had played his part in helping West Ham draw vs Arsenal. Antonio says that he finds Arsenal fans very annoying. It includes members of his own family and his agent, claiming that they put themselves on a high horse despite a lack of success in recent years.

What Michail Antonio had to say about Arsenal fans

Speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast, the West Ham striker was discussing this season’s title race. He says that while he does want Arsenal to win the league but he doesn’t like their fans. He says:-

“I want Arsenal to win. But, honestly, I don’t like Arsenal fans! I’m going to say it, I don’t like them. I don’t like Arsenal fans. I have family members, my agent, my nephews. They are annoying! And they have always been annoying! Arsenal Fan TV! Annoying,”

They are the worst [to have banter with]. They haven’t won the Premier League in years, but it’s like they won it last year!”

Arsenal and their passionate fans

Arsenal fans have always been scrutinized for the previous action. During the Wenger days the fanbase was split. Arsenal Fan TV rose into stardom on YouTube at that time. When Arsenal lose the channel used to get a lot of views because of the rants. But now times have changed and the fanbase is fully unified. This was the main priority of Arteta. There isn’t a single fanbase where every fan is level-headed. While the Arsenal supporters may be a bit more vocal this season because they’re doing so well, every club has this subsection of fans. They like to wind other teams up and are a bit irrational when it comes to how good or bad their own team actually is.

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