Michail Antonio is impressed by Joe Gomez’s performance against Manchester City

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Joe Gomez has impressed Michail Antonio with his performance in a win against Manchester City. In The Footballer’s Football Podcast, Michael Antonio told that Joe Gomez was unbelievable against Man City.

Man City met Liverpool at Anfield last Sunday and won three points, thanks to Mohammad Salah’s goal. But Joe Gomez in defence has been receiving applause for his wonderful performance against in form Man city.

Michail Antonio praised Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez pretty much kept Erling Haaland quiet for the match. According to Antonio, he stole the show at Anfield. Talking on The Footballer’s Football Podcast, Michail said:

“Gomez was unbelievable. He was a joke. You can’t just put it out there and say VVD, you have to give Gomez a shout as well,”

“They had him. There were so many times where balls were put in the box, but they were just there constantly with him.

“There was a couple of times you thought he was going to get a tap in, but they were just there constantly. Those two played so well. They shut him out.”

,he added

Joe Gomez has been pretty consistent for Liverpool who had suffered from an injury a long time ago. It took a while for him to regain his spot on the team. He isn’t an undisputed starter yet but on Sunday he showed that he is ready to be on. Meanwhile, Klopp would like to rotate him with Joe Matip.

Gomez and Van Dijk could become one of the best CB pairs in the Premier League. Liverpool’s next fixture is against West Ham, it would be interesting to see if Klopp keeps Joe Gomez in the starting lineup alongside Van Dijk or Joe Gomez.

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