Mick Schumacher is ‘disappointed’ by the Haas sacking

Mick Schumacher Germany

Mick Schumacher feels disappointed after the sacking from F1 team Haas as he promises to make a comeback.

The future of Mick Schumacher has remained under speculation for a couple of months now. Although the Haas driver has enjoyed his best-ever season on the grid, he is still going to be removed from the team.

Although the German has managed to score 12 points compared to last year’s 0, the team still decided to part ways. The 23-year-old will be replaced by his fellow German – Nico Hulkenberg. Many believe the crashes and inconsistent performances to be the main reason behind this step.

Steiner also provided the reasons behind the step.

Mick Schumacher responds to the sacking

Anyways, Mick Schumacher also responded to the sacking claiming to be “very disappointed“. However, the ex-Ferrari academy driver thanked his team and Ferrari for the opportunities anyways:

“This is going to be my last race with the Haas F1 team,”

he said.

“I don’t want to hide the fact that I am very disappointed with the decision not to renew out contract.

“Nevertheless, I would like to thank both Haas F1 and Ferrari for giving me this opportunity. Those years together have helped me to mature both technical and personally.

“And especially when things got difficult, I realised how much I love this sport.”

Schumacher also clearly stated that this end of his journey with Haas will not mark the end of his career in F1 and that he will return:

“It was at times bumpy but I steadily improved, learned a lot and now know for sure that I deserve a place in Formula 1,”

he continued.

“The subject is anything but closed for me. Setbacks only make you stronger.

“My fire burns for Formula 1 and I will fight hard to return to the starting grid. PTW [prove them wrong].”

For now, the German racer can’t find a place on the grid in 2023. His future looks to be going the Mercedes way with reports indicating Schumacher grabbing the reserve driver seat with the Silver Arrows.

Toto Wolff has also indicated towards Schumacher joining the side.

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