Liverpool are ready for Middle-east takeover


FSG already made their intention clear about selling Liverpool Football Club. They are now looking for suitable buyers for a complete takeover.

As per reports, there is serious interest from Middle-east for buying the club. They have made a serious bid that may match or exceed Fenway’s expectations for Reds.

But the offer has not come from rumored suitors ‘QSI’ as confirmed by Adam Crafton of The Athletic.

Adam Crafton of The Athletic wrote,

“Social media speculation about Liverpool and Qatar is, for now, simply that — speculation”

He also stated,

“QSI is not pursuing the club. That leaves Tottenham as the likeliest outcome — but if the past decade has taught us anything, it is not to underestimate what might happen when Qatar decides it really wants something.”

Local Liverpool fans and beyond might not be happy about this speculation but the club needs serious investment which FSG are no longer capable of providing.

Chelsea’s recent expenditure is known to everyone and other clubs also needs the money to cope-up with the culture. If not they will lack behind, just like Liverpool, this season.

Reds are having quite opposite season than last year due to irregular form and rigidness inside the squad. Liverpool also needs to buy some big names to create match-winning environment again . Klopp will also look some changes in the summer transfer window if new ownership takeovers at Anfield.

To match up with Premier League’s mega-rich culture, the takeover looks very much on the cards for Reds.

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