MS Dhoni’s message to Virat Kohli after he left Indian test captaincy

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There were sudden changes in the Indian team environment past few months. After the t20 world, there were a lot of changes in terms of the captaincy of the Indian team. Virat Kohli stepped down as Indian captain from t20i after the 2021 t20 world cup. Soon after the announcement BCCI substantially removed him from ODI captaincy. Rohit Sharma then India’s vice-captain was made white ball captain for the Indian team.

Virat Kohli was leading the team in the test series against South Africa. But suddenly he resigned himself from the test side. This was shocking for the whole cricketing world because the team was performing extremely well under him. He took to social media and announced his retirement. In a recent interview, Virat Kohli revealed the former caption MS Dhoni had messaged him upon his decision on leaving test captaincy.

Virat Kohli recalls the message of MS Dhoni after leaving test captaincy.

Virat in a recent interview recalls the moment when MS Dhoni messaged him after leaving captaincy. Virat told,

” Let me tell you one thing: when I left Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person with whom I had played previously; that was MS Dhoni. Many people have my number. On TV, people give lots of suggestions, people have a lot to say. But none of the people who had my number sent me a message. That respect [with Dhoni], that connection you have with someone, when it is genuine, it shows like this because there is no insecurity with either of us. Neither does he [Dhoni] need anything from me nor do I need anything from him. Neither of us suffers from insecurity. I can only say: if I want to say something to someone, I reach out to that person individually if I want to help”.

It is not the first time Virat praised MS Dhoni. He has idolized himself before too. He has even said he will remain his captain forever. He has made very good partnership evens. He has a good connection with him both on and off the field. The thing is he has commendable respect for him. He has learned a lot under his captaincy. He even used to take his advice and suggestion in between the match when he was captain too.

Virat is kind of going through a rough patch and all the decisions regarding captaincy was taken around this only. Although he is subtly returning to his old form. For example, he is batting superbly in the ongoing Asia Cup.

Virat records as test captain of India.

Virat Kohli is the fourth successful test captain of cricket. He has a total of 40 wins and is India’s most successful captain. He also led team India to World Test Championship in the first edition itself. He registered wins over Australia, England, etc on their own soil. He maintained the streak of making India rank 1 test team over many years. He scored many centuries, even double centuries under his captaincy belt. He also won pink ball test matches.

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