Murray faced a shocking defeat in the Citi Open, Washington

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Former World No.1 Andy Murray faced a shocking defeat to Mikael Ymer 6-7,6-4,1-6 in the Citi Open, Washington.

Post the shocking defeat, Murray revealed that his cramping issues troubled him a lot during the match. He had to call the physiotherapist thrice during the match since he struggled physically. The Swedish player, Mikael Ymer finds himself outside of the Top 100s. The defeat of Murray raised many questions about his dedication to his fitness.

Murray had cramping issues in the Newport Open as well. He looked completely exhausted in the American heat after playing for almost 3 hours. Murray said during his post-match press conference,

“I [have] struggled a little bit with [cramping] the past two tournaments. I need to have a little look at that with my team and maybe see why that is, make a few changes.”

“In terms of the training off the court and on the practice court, I’ll have to look at that as well and see if there’s more that I could be doing, maybe different ways of practising to help with that. Scheduling training more in the heat of the day at 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. rather than 10 a.m. when it’s not quite as humid, not quite as warm, not quite as helpful. There are a few things I can look at.”

Murray is hoping to sort out the cramping issues before the US Open

Losing the first round by 6-7(8-10), Murray looked more than settled in the second round. Even the spectators were hopeful for a comeback. But the cramps restricted the flow of the game Murray and the player looked tired in the third set.

“It was disappointing. I thought there was some good tennis in the first set. After that both of us were struggling a bit physically,”

Murray said.

“The level of the tennis was not great. I had chances in the first set to close that out. I had set point at 6-5, then three in the tie-break and didn’t get it. [It was] frustrating.”

“The only positive is now that I get more time to prepare for the tournament in Canada. I guess if I can address sort of the physical issue I’ve had the last couple of tournaments, then that would be a positive thing. I obviously need to address that now.”

he further added.

Murray is prepping for the next tournament which is in Montreal next week. The fans all across the world are excited for the 3-time Grand Slam champion to perform on the previous levels but it seems impossible at the moment.

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