New career high ranking for the 19-year old Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu
(Image Courtesy: Wimbledon Twitter)

The 19-year old British Tennis prospect, Emma Raducanu reached a new career high ranking as she enters the Top 10 of the Women Singles rankings.

“After all I’m a Grand Slam Champion and nobody can take that away from me.” she replied to the critics. This was her reply to the critics who tried to put her down post her defeat in the Wimbledon. Emma Raducanu lost to C.Garcia by 6-3,6-3 leading to her exit from the English tennis championship.

Though her defeat didn’t impact her ATP points since the Tennis Council decided not to take the Wimbledon points into consideration due to the ban on the Russian and Belarusian players from the tournament.

Post Emma’s shocking win at the US Open 2021 saw the teenager become a tennis star overnight. She is now on a career high 10th rank with 2717 points in the ATP Rankings which released on Sunday. The British player was previously placed on the 11th spot in June 2022.

The US Open title defence awaits Emma Raducanu

The US Open title defence will be more exciting than ever as the supporters and fans would be rooting for the defending champion Emma Raducanu.

On June 27th, Emma during a press conference said that she’s is under no pressure whatsoever ahead of her title defence at the US Open. There were a lot of talks about the luck factor after her not-so-good performances in French Open and The Wimbledon. The teenager will be under immense pressure but her words player completely denied that.

“I’m a Slam champion, so no one’s going to take that away from me. If anything, the pressure is on those who haven’t done that,” Emma Raducanu said in a post-match conference.

“There’s no pressure. Why is there any pressure? I’m still 19. Like, it’s a joke. I literally won a Slam. Going back to New York, it’s going to be cool because I have got a lot of experience playing on big courts, playing with people in the stadium, playing with the spotlight on you,” she added.

Nevertheless it will be a historical moment for the 19-year old to defend a Grand Slam title. The US Open will be live from August 29 to September 11.

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