New theory behind the surprising departure of Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool emerges

Jurgen Klopp recently announced his decision of leaving Liverpool because he feels exhausted and that the team no longer require his assistance. However, the rumor has it that he believes his team has advanced more quickly than anticipated.

Despite the setbacks of the previous campaign, Klopp was able to turn things around for his team. The Telegraph claims that even though Liverpool’s makeover is still in its early phases, Klopp believes he can leave a proud legacy behind.

Klopp’s contract is set to expire in 2026. If Liverpool had struggled to keep up with the leading teams, he might have been motivated to stay longer. Nevertheless, Klopp was never in danger of losing his job despite Liverpool’s struggles in the previous campaign.

The Anfield crowd and fans love him. Even, the owners never thought of letting him go. Therefore, it appears that Klopp would only be able to leave if he so chose.

Some individuals close to Klopp noticed change in his approach

People close to Klopp, noticed a shift in his approach even before the players were informed of his departure. According to the report, one person at the training ground was overheard remarking, “He is managing like it is his last year”.

Additionally, some have observed that the German appears to be handling things a little differently. In addition to being more daring in his team selection, he has been even more aggressive in his attempts to get academy graduates into the starting lineup. One such person is Conor Bradley.

There was no indication that Klopp was leaving when he informed Michael Gordon, president of Fenway Sports Group, in November. At that meeting, he requested more time to talk about something crucial and Gordon asked if there was any chance, he would change his mind.

The next chapter in Liverpool’s history starts to take shape when he said no. Klopp kept his secret for few months. But later, he realized that he has to tell the team about it, as the club needs to plan for the next steps.

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