Newcastle United’s Strategic Approach for the Future

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The 23/24 Premier League has officially concluded. Newcastle United finished 7th in the league and will be playing in the UEFA Conference League next season. The chairman, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, was on the pitch to appreciate the fans who supported the team. This also showcased the admiration and the dedication towards the team.

This clearly highlights the change in the ownership approach after the 80 percent takeover by the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). Eddie Howe is confident that this team is capable of further glory and lot of big achievements are waiting in the future for the club.

Since the takeover, Newcastle United went through a massive change. Their journey from being a bottom tier team to competing for European competition has been remarkable. All the credit goes to the 400 million euros invested in player signings and other couple of millions in the facilities. This financial boost and investment has given the club a new identity and hope to compete at the bigger stages.

The new ownership and the Change for Newcastle United

This investment by PIF is a part of their broader strategy in the sporting world. Other financial investment this strategy includes are Formula1, UFC, LIV Golf and sailing. However, there are financial fair play9FFP) regulations that is their in football which are not present in other sports. Eddie Howe acknowledged these and suggested the approach of investing in the club while not breaching any guidelines. ” PIF are serious about the guidlines, they have made it clear. The main aspect is that you can invest in other sports however you want but not in football.”

This balanced approach of developing the squad while keeping the guidelines met, signifies the sensible approach by Newcastle United. Howe’s footballing tactical essence reflected when he said that success can never be rushed. “Everyone wants the club to grow as soon as possible. However, it’s not a race and its not possible. The club grows within the rate they can, so they don’t break any rules”. This also is an indication towards the quick reward approach of the fans and to ask them to be patience in this steady and gradual growth of the club.

Despite all the heavy investment, Howe stood with his word of a gradual progress. He admits that everyone is now looking for the success in the English division, the expectations should actually meet the ground reality.

Newcastle is nowhere near the top clubs in terms of their infrastructure and revenues; to match up in all this, it will take time. “The ambition is there to be amongst the best. However, ambitions should meet the reality and the reality is we are too behind to compete with the top clubs in terms of their off-field infrastructure and revenue numbers.”

What does the future hold for Magpies?

The commitment towards the future growth is visible in the club’s strategy and the planning. Past meeting between the manager, the chairman and the CEO highlights the approach and the determination of working for the success of the club. Meeting like these helps to set the tone and the balance between the approach towards the success on field and also the growth of the institution.

As the new transfer window approaches, the question regarding Newcastle’s approach is still unclear. Although no transfer budget is set, the club has made it clear that no holding back for the required addition in the team.

This amazing transformation of Newcastle under PIF and the approach by Eddie Howe highlights the perfect method of moving ahead in the modern football. It is a proper blend of strategically investing and not breaching any guidelines. As Howe said,” I understand the demand for more success but you have to understand, as of now we have been okay”.

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