News: Novak Djokovic will be permitted to compete in the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is anticipated to be given a visa to compete at the next Australian Open despite his well-publicized deportation in January. The immigration minister has reportedly overturned Djokovic’s potential three-year suspension, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday.

According to previous remarks made by the Australian Border Force, an exclusion period may be waived under particular circumstances. And that the merits of each case would be considered. For reasons of privacy, the office of immigration minister Andrew Giles declined to comment.

Djokovic, a 35-year-old Serbian tennis player, would have to make any notification regarding his visa status. The 21-time Grand Slam singles champion is still not allowed to defend his Australian Open title this year. A turbulent 10-day legal battle over his COVID-19 vaccination status ended with his visa being revoked just before the competition.

Djokovic, the top-ranked tennis player in the world, arrived at Melbourne Airport with a visa that he had ordered online. And what he believed to be a genuine medical rationale for the country’s strict ban on unvaccinated visitors. Because Tennis Australia and the Victoria state government, which is hosting the competition, approved of it.

Confusion ruled, making headlines around the world. As it turned out, he was able to participate in the competition thanks to the medical exemption. Which mandated the coronavirus vaccination of all athletes, spectators, and officials—though not necessarily for entry into the nation.

The Australian Border Force disapproved of it. During that period, Australia’s minister of immigration, Alex Hawke, utilized their discretion to deny Djokovic’s visa due to his conduct, declaring him to be a “talisman of the anti-vaccine movement.”

This year, Australia saw a government transition and modified its border policies. Visitors are no longer analyzed and presented proof of their COVID-19 vaccines as of July 6. That significantly lowered Djokovic’s entry barrier.

It enabled him to ask Giles, the new minister of immigration, to review the status of his visa. In his favor, Djokovic swiftly left Australia after his visa was denied and hasn’t voiced any complaints against Australian officials.

As stated on the Department of Home Affairs website, Djokovic’s situation is one that, must provide written justification for suspending the exclusion period to Australia’s border authorities.

“you must show us that there are compassionate or compelling circumstances to put aside your re-entry ban and grant you the visa.”

Djokovic said his attorneys were in contact with the Australian government on Monday at the ATP Finals in Italy. With a view to him competing in the Australian Open from January 16–29.

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