Nick Kyrgios vs Stephanos Tsitsipas saga continues

Nick Kyrgios

When there’s a Kyrgios, there will always be chaos.

The Wimbledon, Championship’s runners-up Nick Kyrgios again fired shots at Stephanos Tsitsipas. During an interview with Jack Sock, the Australian said that the two might pair up at the upcoming Washington Open.

Kyrgios mocked Tsitsipas by saying,

“We’ve got a lot of doubles, we’ve got doubles in DC which I’m super excited about. I’ve had Stefanos as a partner there so it can’t get much worse than that.”

In the past, the two already have paired up together in 2019 to face the toughest pair Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah in their opening round. Eventually, the pair was defeated by 3-6,6-3,5-10.

Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas in Wimbledon was arguably one of the most intense matches so far in the season. Kyrgios won the match by 6-7,6-4,6-3,7-6. But both the players got hefty fines based on their code of conduct during the match.

After the end of the match, the players explained their sides where they tried to justify their actions on the court.

“It’s constant bullying. He was probably a bully at school. I don’t like bullies. He has a very evil side to him.”

Tsitsipas during the post-match conference.

While Kyrgios replied,

“I’m not sure how I bullied him. He was the one that was hitting balls at me. He was the one who hit a spectator. Apart from going back and forth with the umpire, I did nothing disrespectful towards him.”

Except for the war of words, Tsitsipas was fined $10000 for hitting the ball into the crowd in anger whereas Kyrgios was also fined $4000 for his inappropriate use of language during the game.

Kyrgios always makes sure that he’s never losing in the war of words, in this instance also he took several digs at Tsitsipas. He called Tsitsipas ‘a soft person’. The Wimbledon runners-up said,

“I didn’t do anything. I was actually like – apart from me just going back and forth to the umpire for a bit, I did nothing towards Stefanos today that was disrespectful, I don’t think. I was not drilling him with balls.”

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