Northern Diamonds: Katie Levick says more success on the horizon after Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy at Lord’s

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Leg-spin specialist for the Yorkshire and Diamonds wonderfully. added the cherry on top of their exciting two-run victory over the Southern Vipers by defending 13 in the final over. Levick spoke joyfully movingly of a day she would never forget just after the triumph. When she stood in front of the Lord’s Grand Stand the Diamonds were celebrating friends and family.

“I’m glad this isn’t an interview on camera because I’ve done nothing but cry since we won,”

“It’s what we’ve worked for all season, all three seasons, and in many ways for all our careers. To do it at Lord’s makes it even better. Wow!

“This is probably the best moment of my career. To get to a Lord’s final in itself is incredible. But to win it and be standing here with a medal and the trophy is just amazing.”

Levick Northern Diamonds

“I can’t believe this medal is silver as well. I wanted a gold one, and I’ve still not got one!”

she laughed.

“But, no, my family are here as well, and they’ve not always been able to get to away games. It makes it all the more special.”

“I was thinking, ‘I’d rather have the ball in my hand’. It’s the safest place on the pitch for me,”

continued the 31-year-old from Sheffield.

“I’ve bowled a lot of overs in my career, and Hollie (Armitage, captain) just said to me, ‘You’ve done this so many times, it’s no different.”

“The girls put everything on the line to get us over the line, and thankfully we did.”

“Everything seems to have not quite gone our way over the years.”

“It’s not as if we’ve been hammered in finals, it’s just not gone our way. They’ve all been absolutely nail-biters. But we wanted nothing more than to win a trophy and bring it back North. That definitely helped.”

“It’s going to be hard to beat this, but we’ll certainly try,”

she added.

“The North has been a sleeping giant in women’s cricket for a few years now.”

“We’ve always been so close, and I’m fed up of people saying that we’re chokers. We’ve put that marker down now. No one has beaten the Vipers in 50-over cricket, and we’ve done it twice in two weeks. If that doesn’t make us a force, I don’t know what does.”

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