‘Novak Djokovic is still the best player in men’s tennis but…’, claims expert

Novak Djokovic

Dr. Nikola Vesovic appreciated Novak Djokovic’s initiatives to positively represent Serbia. In addition, he expressed his satisfaction at honoring the 21-time Grand Slam champion with a new species of insect.

Dr. Vesovic revealed on Friday that a new species of bug named after Djokovic was found in western Serbia. 

Now that bug species will be known as “Duvalius Djokovic.

Djokovic posted such information on his Instagram Story. 

“New species of insect found in western Serbia named after me,”

the caption reads.

“Novak Djokovic-For more than 15 years, this man has been cheering on the entire nation, making us proud, and during that time he has become a family member to all.

He is not only the highest ambassador of Serbia in the world but the best male tennis player of all time and one of the most dominant athletes in history.

I have the honor and pleasure of announcing the discovery of a new species of insect from western Serbia that was hitherto unknown to science. It is a specialized, blind, subterranean ground beetle (Coleoptera, Carabidae) found in a well near the city of Ljubovija.

A scientific article on the description of the new species has recently been published in the prominent journal “

Annales Zoologici Fennici.  

As a token of our gratitude and our need to give back to Novak in our own way,

we have decided to name the new species after him: Duvalius Djokovic. Thank you, Novak! On behalf of the authors of the new species, Dr. Nikola Vesovic,”

Dr. Vesovic’s statement read.

Djokovic triumphed in Astana

Known for pursuing Novak Djokovic on social media and as a journalist who doesn’t appear to get along with him. Ben Rothenberg recently posted a poll on his Twitter page.

“Djokovic won a slam lol.. How is that disappointing?”

Fan tweeted.

“Because he was capable of so much more. He won three slams in 2021 and made the final of the fourth.

His ranking dropped from #1 to #7. He lost his share of the men’s Slam record. Nigel Farage showed up at his house while he was being detained. It was a disappointing year,”

said Rothenberg.

Rothenberg defended the fan while claiming that the Serb was to fault for the situation the fan had been in.

“Oh yeah. Djokovic is still the best player in men’s tennis, but the commitment to self-sabotage is immense,”

the writer posted.

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