Official Max Verstappen sponsor caught in a scandal

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A personal and close sponsor of World Champion Max Verstappen is at the center of a major scandal in the Netherlands.

Max Verstappen rose to the ranks of racing quite quickly due to his prominent skills catching the eyes of many enthusiasts and sponsors.

One of these sponsors of Max Verstappen is now caught in a major scandal back in the Netherlands.

Jumbo is the one we are talking about here.

Jumbo is a supermarket chain operating majorly in the Netherlands and Belgium. Police commenced raids at Jumbo’s owner and CEO Frits van Eerd’s residence.

The boss is suspected of a huge money laundering scandal according to the Dutch Media.

Manager of Max Verstappen Raymond Vermeulen clarified that the camp was not jumping to any conclusions and will wait for the case to settle completely.

Speaking to a newspaper Vermeulen said:

“Caution is in order here,”

“We are waiting for the facts to be on the table. We have been in contact with Jumbo and the management and marketing will continue as usual.”

Nevertheless, Vermeulen himself distanced the Max Verstappen camp from the sponsor himself, especially Van Eerd.

“We have agreements with Jumbo, and the supermarket is not part of the investigation. That was clearly stated,”

he said.

“Let’s be careful with all kinds of suggestive things and wait for the facts to come out.”

Max Verstappen is currently leading the championship comfortably and is on his way to securing his 2nd World title in a row.

The Dutchman secured his 11th victory of the season at the Italian GP – his 5th in a row.

The next race at Singapore could see Max Verstappen secure the title. The reigning world champion was in a different league throughout this season.

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