Old Trafford Test cancellation: Sourav Ganguly gives a strong message

Sourav Ganguly Test, Six Sports

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly gives a strong message about the cancellation of the Old Trafford Test.

The fifth Test between India and England in Manchester was canceled due to the threat of Covid-19, which made a lot of headlines. Indian team assistant physio Yogesh Parmar was captured by Covid-19, which caused panic in the Indian camp. Earlier, the match was postponed for a day, but later BCCI and ECB officials decided not to play a Test match.

Critics and Comment on Cancellation of the Fifth Test Match

Many experts and critics have differing views on this issue. Some believe that Ravi Shastri and the team were not supposed to be present at the book launch. Some say that the finger should not be pointed at Indian players and team management.

Sourav Ganguly Test, Six Sports

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly has so far remained silent on the matter. But now he has reacted to the cancellation of the Manchester Test. In an interview with Telegraph India, Ganguly said the match would be, but would not be part of the five-match Test series.

Sourav Ganguly reacts on Fifth test cancellation

Ganguly said: “The Old Trafford Test has been canceled. It will not be easy for the ECB because they have suffered huge financial losses. Let everything be fine. Then we will talk about it and decide. Whether it is next year or just a match, it will not be part of the series.

Sourav Ganguly said the players panicked after being attacked by Parmar Kovid-19. The players had close contact with him, which put him at risk of contracting the virus. This is why the players refused to play the Monster Test.

Sourav Ganguly Test, Six Sports

Sourav Ganguly said, “The players refused to play, but you can’t blame them. Yogesh Parmar was in close touch with the players. Although Nitin Patel set himself apart, Yogesh spent free time with the players and also tested their Covid-19. He also massages the players, so he communicates with them every day. When the players find out about Yogesh Parmar, they get scared. They feared exposure to the virus. Staying in bubbles is not easy. You have to respect their feelings.

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