Ousmane Dembele has mammoth offers on the table from two Premier League teams

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According to the world-renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, Barcelona face the risk of losing Ousmane Dembele for free as he has two big offers from the Premier League. His contract is due to expire in June 2022 and can join a new club on a free transfer. However, Barcelona will not be a fan of this idea and will look to get at least some cash if Dembele is imminent to leave.

Several Premier League clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea are interested in the World Cup-winning Frenchman. Moreover, Dembele is not willing to get a pay cut in his salary. This does not match with the thoughts and planning of Barcelona.

Dembele joined Barcelona for €105 million from Borussia Dortmund in 2017. Since then, he went on to make 126 appearances for the Catalan club. Moreover, he has scored 30 goals and assisted 23 till now. However, the major issue about Dembele is that he gets injured very frequently. It is sometimes a surprise to see him on the pitch playing a match.

If the new club solves his injury issues then might get what they want. However, if that fails to happen then it will not be a good signing. Barcelona needs Dembele at his best but there’s always an injury or the other that does not let him play at his fullest.

What is the best move for Barcelona about Ousmane Dembele?

Ousmane Dembele has missed most of his matches due to injuries at Barcelona. Moreover, he is only to stay at the club if he gets enough money. That should not be the case and the player must stay only if he is willing to play for the club and not for money. Barcelona should instead cash in on Dembele and get at least some amount of money instead of a free transfer.

Moreover, he will also make huge adjustments to Barcelona’s wage bill. This will help Barcelona make other necessary signings and recruit players that the manager specifically likes. In addition, there is no guarantee that he will start playing every match if a contract on his terms is provided.

However, if the Premier League clubs are ready to offer him huge contracts then they certainly have a plan including him. Nevertheless, there is still no certainty if his injury woes will be solved if he joins a new club. It might be better for both Barcelona and Ousmane Dembele to part ways and find new routes.

Ousmane Dembele has shown what he can do at Barcelona at times. However, the club has to look after the financial crisis they are facing. If Dembele’s renewal does not suit the current situation of the club then it is better to part ways. Instead, a player who is really willing to play for the club will get a chance to prove his worth.

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