Paul Merson projects this manager to become Arsenal’s next boss as early as next season

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Paul Merson very well thinks that Patrick Vieira can take over Arsenal next season.

Merson is reputed to make exaggerated and ‘out of world’ comments and this one is no exception.

Vieira has had a momentous season with Crystal Palace this season. However, he was in the news this week after a frustrating loss to Everton.

However, this should not mar the scintillating season that he had with Palace this season.

Though Mikel Arteta just signed a new contract with Arsenal, he is in for the long haul now.

However, Merson still feels that if Arteta again has a bad season with Arsenal and Vieira continues to carry on his brilliant form as manager, we could well see him take over Arsenal from Arteta.

Merson told Sportskeeda recently,” Could he be the next Arsenal manager? It all depends on timing, for me. When Sir Alex Ferguson was about to retire in the early 2000s, a handful of names were reportedly in the running to replace him but none of those links came to fruition.”

Arsenal have given Mikel Arteta a new contract but if he starts the 2022-23 Premier League season with a series of underwhelming results and Vieira does so with a string of wins, he could well be the next Gunners boss!”

How much is Vieira coming to Arsenal a possibility?

Arteta, to me, has proved himself at Arsenal. He has done a good job with the boys at Arsenal.

Yes, he has had some rough patches, but that’s how the game works. You have to live with both.

However, Vieira taking over Arsenal should be an emotion for the Gunners’ fans. Much like if Steven Gerrard was to return to Liverpool to manage it.

It is essential to state that getting rid of Arteta at this point would be a childish decision on Arsenal’s part.

However, we are to understand that the Arsenal authorities may well scout Vieira.

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