Pep Guardiola reached out to Frank Lampard after former Chelsea manager got sacked

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard got sacked as Everton‘s manager this week, this is the second time he has faced the same situation. He suffered the same fate when he lost his job as Chelsea’s boss.

Everton confirmed that former England International will not be managing the Merseyside outfit anymore. His managing career at Everton ended less than a year after he replaced Rafael Benitez. Lampard helped Everton avoid relegation in his first campaign as boss. But he has failed to achieve convincing results this season and his side is in the relegation zone.

After Everton’s latest defeat against West Ham, Lampard has been informed that he will be leaving the Merseyside outfit. Lampard was sacked by the Chlesea after he managed to win just one of his final five league matches. He had a positive start in his first campaign in charge but that didn’t continue for long. Roman Abramovich wanted to bring Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea which he did after sacking the former Chelsea legend.

Pep Guardiola then reached out to Lampard. He said:

“People talk about projects and ideas, but they don’t exist – you have to win or you’ll be sacked,”

“I respect the decision by Chelsea, but hopefully I can see Frank soon, take him to a restaurant to see him again when lockdown is over.”

Pep Guardiola reached out to Lampard

Lampard explained on the Overlap Extra that Pep reached out to him after Chelsea was beaten by 4-0 by Manchester United in his first game as a manager in Premiere League.

Lampard said:

“He’s so great with managers, Pep, behind the scenes the things he does with the LMA, helping other managers. He’s sent me voice notes,”

“I don’t like giving away private conversations but in my first game as Chelsea manager we lost at Man United 4-0. We played well for 60 minutes, then got done on the counter, then bang, bang, 2, 3, it was 4-0.

“Then we lost to Liverpool in the Super Cup. Played well, lost on penalties… I was on the plane on the way back from the game, a little bit disheartened.

“Got a voice note from him, saying the way my team played was incredible, loved watching it, really positive chat. The voice note deleted itself though.

“I wanted to get home and say, ‘listen to this, Pep said I’m a good manager’. Little touches like that, make an impression on you. Sometimes you get caught up in your own world and don’t see things. He’s doing the business and sends you a voice note like that, it was special.”

He added

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