Piastri to McLaren for 2023 confirmed – Reports

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Alpine junior and reserve driver, Oscar Piastri is set to join McLaren for 2023 replacing Daniel Ricciardo, according to the reports.

For the past week, Alpine and McLaren have been involved in a tussle regarding the F2 champion Oscar Piastri.

The drama started after Fernando Alonso‘s surprise announcement to join Aston Martin replacing the retiring Sebastian Vettel. On Tuesday, Alpine announced that Oscar Piastri would replace the Spaniard on the team.

In a shocking turn of events, the 21-year-old Australian took to social media to deny that any agreement had been signed with Alpine and that he will not be driving for Alpine in 2023.

Piastri was previously linked to a move to Williams in place of Nicholas Latifi. However, reports have emerged that Piastri might be replacing fellow Australian Ricciardo at McLaren for 2023.

The FIA’s contract recognition board recently declared the new McLaren-Piastri deal as valid at the expense of his current Alpine contract.

Piastri’s contract with Alpine was said to run till the end of 2022 with an option for 2023. However, Alpine did not exercise this option within the required time.

What does this mean for Ricciardo?

After FIA’s contract recognition board’s approval, the only thing left for McLaren is to agree on a deal with Piastri.

Under Formula 1’s guidelines, Alpine can’t challenge the board’s choice, as F1 teams have collectively decided that the FIA’s decision will be the final.

This makes Ricciardo’s future unclear with very limited options.

Realistically, he has two options. His preferred option will be to go back to his former team i.e. Alpine (then Renault). Ricciardo raced for the team in 2019 and 2020 and earned some podiums.

Another option will be to go to Williams. However, Williams will be a massive downgrade for him as the team is last in the standings.

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