Points system of WTC will be changed in the next cycle: ICC CEO

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ICC CEO Mr. Geoff Allardice talks about the future of the big ICC events like WTC, World cup, and others. He has shared some important views of ICC in near future.

Changes in Points system of WTC

“The next cycle of the WTC, starting with England vs India in August, will see a change to the points system. Instead of each series being worth the same number of points, 120, irrespective of whether the series is played over two Tests or five Tests, the next cycle will see each match being worth the same number of points – a maximum of 12 per match.”-Allardice commented.

WTC, Six Sports

“Teams will be ranked on the percentage of available points they won from the matches they have played. The aim was to try and simplify the points system and to allow teams to be meaningfully compared on the table at any point, though they may have played differing numbers of matches and series,” Allardice said.

WTC wll be there for the next eight-year cycle

There was a universal acceptance that the World Test Championship should continue. The same assumptions around a two-year cycle and a final at the end of it have been supported by the Full Members. That’s been really positive.“-Allardice said.

WTC, Six Sports

I know that midway through the cycle, with Covid rampant in so many countries, there was a lot of uncertainty around the cricket schedule and the future of the Test Championship. But we have seen the fruits of why it was created in the last few months. And, certainly, the [thinking] among the members is that it should continue,” he added.

Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Ireland in WTC?

We had that discussion back in 2016 or 2017. And it didn’t have support then. The most important thing is that we provide a pathway for all the Test teams. There are nine in the Test Championship at the moment, and three more want their Test matches to have context. How that translates into competition structures is something we’re still working through.”-Allardice shared.

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