Porsche-Red Bull F1 deal stuck again?

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Porsche and Audi are all set to join F1 from 2026 following regulations change.

Red Bull is still hoping that they could finalize the deal with Porsche but the deadline is inching closer every passing day.

At the start of the year, it was reported that Volkswagen group subsidiaries Audi and Porsche are in a bid to enter Formula 1.

Initial rumors indicated that both manufacturers were together developing powertrains for Red Bull and McLaren. However, later it became clear that both wanted to enter as separate outfits and manufacturers in the sport.

Audi will be operating as a works team. However, it will not have to go through all the hoops and problems as Andretti Global as it plans on buying an existing team Alfa Romeo. The team will make its operational headquarters in Germany.

Although it is yet to be confirmed on Sauber-Audi deal its entry into Formula 1 is officially announced.

Porsche on the other hand has filed essential paper works over its deal with Red Bull to Volkswagen group.

Furthermore, Volkswagen’s CEO has confirmed Porsche’s intent on supplying engines from 2026.

Moreover, Porsche has applied to trademark the word ‘F1nally‘ indicating that their entry is all but confirmed in the pinnacle of motorsports.

However, there is still a hurdle.

Red Bull’s concern over the deal with Porsche

It’s known to everyone that Porsche plans to buy a 50 % stake in Red Bull to enter F1.

However, reports indicate that there are some concerns over the deal within Red Bull itself. Reports suggest that Red Bull are specifically concerned over the amount of shares Porsche intends on buying.

Red Bull fears that Porsche would end up taking a lot of control over the team.

The deal will not only let them make engines but a possible F1 seat for their intended driver will also be on the table.

It is also anticipated that Porsche would work in the same factory at Milton Keynes with Red Bull. Two outfits living in the same house will supposedly not work out well.

Therefore, an agreement is needed to be reached that works in favor of every party involved. However, such an agreement is yet to be reached.

Moreover, if Porsche needs to make powertrains for the upcoming 2026 regulations, it needs to start the work soon. The clock is ticking and its rival manufacturers might already be ahead like Ferrari and Mercedes.

Deal or no deal? What do both parties have to say?

Red Bull team principal made the admission on the deal when asked:

“It’s 10 past midnight and Cinderella’s already buggered off,”

joked team principal Christian Horner.

“So it’s tight, but that’s Formula 1 and that’s some of the creativeness and drive that happens within the teams.

“It’s going to be exciting to see more power unit manufacturers on the grid for 2026.”

While not clearly saying anything the Briton clearly indicated that the deal is still all over the place.

Audi CEO, Markus Duesmann indicated recently that Porsche will enter F1 by saying that the German manufacturer will make their engines in Britain.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko on the other hand insists that conversations and negotiations are still going on:

“He’s premature, the talks are not over yet,”

said the Austrian of Duesmann’s comment.

“But Formula 1 is booming in such a way that it is a logical step for every self-respecting car manufacturer.”

Red Bull currently sits comfortably on top in both the championships. Verstappen is all set to secure his second world title in a row.

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