Possibly the ‘greatest tennis shoe ever,’ is this one. ASICS releases the Court FF 3 with market-leading technologies

Novak Djokovic

For the past two years, ASICS, a top tennis shoemaker, has been quietly working with Novak Djokovic. Assisting them in designing the ASICS Court FF3, the newest iteration of their enduring tennis shoe. According to him, Novak Djokovic’s degree of commitment to his chosen sport has been a major factor in his success.

His relentless will to excel permeates literally every area of life, so when we learn about the depth of analysis. It was used in the development and production of the ASICS Court FF3. The tennis shoe Novak Djokovic will wear while attempting to increase his current total of 21 Grand Slam singles titles.

A tennis player who works hard at the baseline should consider the Court FF3, a premium model from ASICS. Nonetheless, attack the net as well as the entire tennis court. The ASICS Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan is where the technology for the shoes is born. Where more than 100 sports scientists design and develop technology that is included in every ASICS shoe.

The Serbian star has been in regular contact with those designers for the next Court FF3 for more than two years. They once had nine different shoe prototypes that Djokovic examined at various stages of their production process to get feedback. The specifics of what they did well and what they should have done differently.

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The Court FF3 features a three-part outsole that was designed to support the type of dynamic activity. That athletes must make in order to cover the entire court. This is distinct from other tennis shoes, which typically feature a split or one-piece outsole. According to tests conducted at their research facility, this revolutionary outsole technology has reduced body tension by 7%.

Additionally, the Court FF shoe has a distinctive monosock design that allows the foot to be securely held in place. Due to an integrated sock design that adds stability as the player slides around the court. Additionally developed by ASICS, TwissTruss is a feature of the Court FF shoe.

“The science of TWISTRUSS technology provides improved bend and twist which minimizes power loss when the foot is bending and twisting. It resists torsion with rigid integrity and returns energy for faster side to side motion.”

When Tennishead attended the formal shoe launch in Marbella, we were among the first to be able to try out the new ASICS Court FF3 shoe alongside Novak Djokovic himself.

The outcomes of that testing will be made public as part of our comprehensive shoe review very shortly. Three years ago, ASICS was a pioneering partner of the revolutionary Tennishead CLUB. It’s the world’s first virtual tennis club and provides dedicated amateur tennis players with the tools they need to improve and enjoy their game more. Join the Tennishead CLUB to take advantage of over $600 in member perks and join hundreds of other happy members.

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