Premier League Insider Leaks Game-Changing Advantage for Postecoglou at Tottenham! Can Spurs Ride This to Success?

Tottenham Hotspur are in a dream form in the Premier League so far. Now, an anonymous Premier League manager has claimed that Ange Postecoglou is lucky to have no fixture congestion in his debut season.

The Lilywhites are not involved in any of the European championship for the first time in eight years as they finished eighth last season. Moreover, early elimination from the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup has meant that Postecoglou has essentially had just one game a week for a considerable portion of the season. Although some believe it as an advantage, the Australian has a different outlook for this. Furthermore, he said last week that more games give a chance to gel up the squad further easily.

Tottenham have a cheat code in the Premier League?

Despite his comments, one anonymous Premier League manager has now told The Telegraph that it has been of big help to the 58-year-old. The unknown guy pointed that even Newcastle United were in a similar situation the previous year.

“Spurs have a big advantage this season. Postecoglou has a week to prepare his players for each game and their load is much, much lighter. Newcastle really benefited from having a lighter schedule than their rivals last season, which helped them get Champions League.

But they still played more games than Tottenham will this season. You can see how the increase in games has impacted Eddie Howe this season.”

There is no doubt an advantage for the teams who have to focus only on one game a week. Especially when it comes to coping up with injury-driven players, Spurs have got some benefit from this. Nevertheless, the fans at North London will love to see their stars competing in the European title galores. Spurs must reinforce their squad in some key positions to adapt with any unpleasant injury next season.

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