Rafael Nadal: ‘I didn’t want him to win that final’

Rafael Nadal

Despite the difficulties, Rafael Nadal flew to London to say goodbye to his strong rival and friend Roger Federer.

The Spanish champion participated in the King’s final match, which took place last Friday at the Laver Cup.

At the event honoring the Swiss, the Manacor resident, 36, struggled to control his emotions.

Among the most thrilling rivalries in the sport’s long history was started by him and them.

Rafa’s tears practically traveled over the world as a result of their growing bond over the years.

For the Majorcan, the recent few months haven’t been easy,

while his wife Xisca went into her final month and had to go into the hospital as a safeguard.

Additionally, Nadal managed to tear his abdominal muscles in Wimbledon and the US Open, where he was unable to advance past the round of 16.

Rafael Nadal on Federer

“Like everything, the rivalry has had its stages. It has been a relationship that was good from the beginning, and that over the years has strengthened.

I think that normal people appreciate the rival, as long as the rival is a person, a good person. Over the years one realizes, or at least in our case, that something special has been experienced.

That is how we have experienced it and that is how I think the world of tennis has perceived it, and thanks to that some people have been interested in our sport.

In the end, our way of seeing the world and the rivalry itself has meant that our personal relationship has probably been more important than professional one.

For years our friendship has been strengthened, for different reasons,

we have had to be more united than in the first years, and thanks to this we have done many good and beautiful things” –

Rafael Nadal stated.

Additionally, he discussed the 2009 French Open:

“At that time I didn’t want Roger Federer to win that final, that’s the reality (laughs). At that time, in the middle of a rivalry,

I had options to be number one, and very likely if he won he would pass me.

On the other hand, I am a person who loves the sport mainly. I had beaten Federer in the finals in 2006, 2007, and 2008. I think when someone is that close to winning, they really deserve it.

I was going to complete all four Big, and when he ends up winning that game, I get emotional and cry at home.”

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