Rafael Nadal receives a warning from Novak Djokovic, who also ‘accepts’ the possibility of a ban

Iga Swiatek

Novak Djokovic has given a strong warning to Nadal even though he “accepts” the sanctions and their potential consequences,

whom he most recently shared a dressing room with when representing Team Europe at the Laver Cup.

Novak Djokovic is preparing to compete in his first, normal ATP event now that the Laver Cup has concluded.

Following his title-winning journey in Wimbledon earlier this summer, he has competed in an ATP 250 event in Tel Aviv.

He had the chance to tie Rafael Nadal’s record for most Grand Slam victories with this victory,

but he was forced to accept a US Open ban due to the Covid vaccination controversy before he could do so.

Although he “accepts” the prohibitions and their potential consequences,

He has sent the Spaniard a strong warning, who he most previously shared a changing room with when representing Team Europe at the Laver Cup.

Djokovic will possess the potential to match Nadal’s record in Melbourne at the Australian Open with non-Grand Slam competitions left this season.

wherein his Covid-19 immunization status prevented him from defending his championship during the previous season.

Djokovic acknowledged that he’s ‘hungry’ for more Slams

Djokovic’s return to Australia, where he was exiled, has yet to be decided in writing.

He has thus far observed encouraging signs.

Djokovic said that he is “hungry” for more Slams, so if he ever does, he is enthusiastic about getting it back.

“In recent years, I have other priorities. I’ve spent more time with the children,”

Djokovic told Sportal.

“Mentally adapted to such a life, but my body is grateful because I managed to keep fit. I still like to train.

“Do the usual routines that I have every day. I am eager for tennis and competition. I’m hungry for trophies. I have maintained the top level of tennis by playing in the biggest tournaments.”

Djokovic also stated that he’s willing to endure further ATP suspensions despite his desire to come back to the tour.

with his participation in the Tel Aviv competition, where he’ll play his opening match against Pablo Andujar on Thursday.

“It was not easy for me to watch Grand Slam matches without participating,”

Djokovic stated.

 “However, I had to accept such a situation. I made a decision, and these are its consequences.”

When Nadal will play on the ATP Tour again has not yet been determined.

He has only played doubles since the US Open with Roger Federer prior to actually returning home for personal matters.

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