Rajeev Shukla not resigning immediately from the BCCI; says there’s time

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Recently elected as an MP from Chhattisgarh, Rajeev Shukla says there’s still time for him to start his new tenure.

Shukla, who is the current vice-president of the BCCI, may have to resign from the post after he assumes the post of an MP in the Rajya Sabha.

According to BCCI’s rule book, any person holding a government office shall be barred from holding any positions in the BCCI.

Shukla is the vice-president of the BCCI since December 2020.

He also has held many other positions in the BCCI such as the administrator of the board and the IPL chairman as well.

The elections of the Rajya Sabha will start next month.

Only after the elections will it be decided whether Shukla has been appointed an MP or not.

The BCCI rulebook also states the roles of the vice-president in detail.

It states that the vice-president will act in the absence of the President.

He/she will also act according to the General Body or the Apex Council.

If he is elected, the Shukla will serve a tenure of six years in the Upper House.

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