Raphael Varane comments on the situation at Manchester United after Ronaldo’s interview

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Manchester United‘s center back Raphael Varane is one of the few people who have commented on the impact that Rolando’s interview had. The Frenchman have admitted that he and the United players have been affected by Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan. The interview came out just after the Red Devils managed to clench a victory against Fulham in the Premier League. Ronaldo claimed in the interview that he felt betrayed by the club and manager. And that he has no respect for the manager Ten Hag as the manager doesn’t show him respect either.

Varane talks about the impact his Manchester United teammate have made

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Frenchman is also preparing for the World Cup hoping to defend their title. When asked by Europe 1 about the impact of Ronaldo on United,

 “Obviously it affects us. We follow what is happening and what is being said.”

The center back continued,

“We try to calm the situation in our own way, we try not to get too involved in it. What is happening in the media in the big clubs is gaining momentum. When it’s a star like Cristiano Ronaldo, even more, so we try to take it with distance, that is to say that we do not try to change the situation alone, we are part of a collective.

“What I want is the best for my team so whatever the decision, as a player, we will accept it and give the best of ourselves.”

Though, unlike Varane, his Manchester United teammate Viktor Lindelof refused to comment on this matter when asked. Choosing to say that it was his decision to not comment on the matter.

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