Red Bull Porsche deal stalls again – Horner comments

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The Red Bull Porsche deal has still not reached a common point, the deal is still hanging and not finalized yet.

The Red Bull Porsche deal still seems in shambles with no final verdict reached yet. It is believed that the German manufacturer has set the demands too high, and the Austrian side is not ready for it yet.

Earlier the plan was for Porsche to enter the pinnacle of motorsport in 2026 as an engine manufacturer.

Porsche is demanding a 50% stake in Red Bull racing which the latter beliefs to be a little too much.

This would make Porsche equal owners of the team. Reports also indicated the deal to be 10 years long.

Rumors indicate that the newly found Powertrain department of Red Bull is still interested in developing the same. However, Porsche is against this concerning Red Bull’s hierarchy.

Horner facing sacking?

Further rumors indicate that Red Bull team principal Christan Horner is also afraid of losing his position if Porsche seals the deal.

It is indicated that Andreas Seidl has good connections with Porsche. He is the person on top of the list to replace Horner having worked with Porsche’s World Endurance Championship team.

“We hear rumors about Christian Horner and the new deal with Porsche,”

F1 journalist Olav Mol told GP33.

“According to our sources, Christian Horner is afraid that he will be fired if Porsche takes control of Red Bull.”

Christian Horner has worked with the Austrian side ever since its debut in the sport. Horner took the role of team principal back in 2005.

The Briton was asked about how the negotiations were going during the Dutch Grand Prix:

“There’s not really too much to report,”

Horner said.

“We’ve consistently said we are pushing on with Red Bull Powertrains. It’s making great strides, with our first fire-up of the first ever Red Bull engine a couple of weeks ago.

“So 2026 is a long way away and we are very focused on our plan, on the engine we are producing, with the talent we are bringing into the team.

“It’s great to see Audi coming into the sport and anything Red Bull would consider would have to fit in with the long-term strategy of the team. There’s plenty of time ahead.”

Although many at Red Bull are against the deal with Porsche, Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz is said to be happy with the terms of the deal.

Red Bull currently leads the constructors championship by 135 points from Ferrari at P1.

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