Red Bull’s secret trick for their insane top speeds revealed!

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According to reports, Red Bull are able to run their car closer to the ground at high speeds, which perfectly explains their performance gains.

The Red Bull RB18 has been the class of the field as the team is galloping away with both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships this season. After fending off an early threat from Ferrari, Red Bull leads by 104 in the WDC and by 137 points in WCC.

However, there has been some skepticism about their performances. Following the summer break, the FIA technical directive prohibited the use of “Flexi-floors” which Ferrari and Red Bull were both accused of having. However, a new report claims that the unique characteristics of the RB18’s floor have been the key to their success.

The use of hydraulic, or active, suspension was prohibited in Formula One in 1994, but according to Auto Motor and Sport, Red Bull has been able to accomplish similar results by using their dampers and springs.

A Mercedes engineer reportedly told AMuS that:

“The Red Bull has the highest ground clearance at the rear when stationary and the lowest at high speed”.

“Doing something like that with a conventional chassis takes up space and weight. We didn’t have one or the other.”

This could also be the reason for Red Bull’s early-season struggles with the weight limit as it is simpler to shed the weight of the car rather than to modify the chassis.

Red Bull has achieved the highest top speed at nine of the 17 races this season, which, given the fact that they mostly start at the front and do not have access to DRS, is pretty impressive. Only the Williams have been able to match Red Bull, although the FW44 has the lowest grid downforce, while Red Bull has the highest.

At the race in Singapore, Max Verstappen was the fastest man on the track despite encountering traffic regularly. At four-speed traps, he was 5.5 and 7.9km quicker than the Ferrari while Mercedes was 4.8 to 6.7 km/h slower.

Other drivers have also observed this, with Sebastian Vettel claiming that you “can’t defend” against Red Bull when he briefly tried to keep Verstappen behind in Singapore.

Vettel explained:

“He drops his tail and flies past you.”

Charles Leclerc also said in a similar line:

“It’s not just about aerodynamics. There’s something mechanical behind it.”

Red Bull reportedly planned to develop a lighter chassis in August, but five races remain in the 2022 season, nothing has happened yet.

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