Richarlison speaks out after Liverpool Legend’s ‘harsh’ remark

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher accused Everton star of having faked his injury during the Merseyside derby. However, later it was known that his injury was unfeigned.

It was a heated affair in the Merseyside derby, this week. Tackles flew in here and there, though the Reds overpowered their rivals by a respectable 2-0 margin. Goals from Andy Robertson and Divock Origi helped the hosts to keep them in contention for the title race.

While, till halftime, it remained goalless, an incident happened in the injury time of the first half. Richarlison went down after he lost a duel with Thiago. However, the referee advised the play to carry on.

This invited a feisty response from Abdoulaye Doucoure, who stormed toward Fabinho in order to stop the play.

Carragher also reacted strongly who was then on commentary duty. He angrily told Richarlison to ‘get up’ as he said that he does this ‘every week’.

However, it was true that it was not the first time that he had fallen down, earlier in the first half.

Carragher went on ranting on Sky Sports saying,

“Honestly, get up, every week I watch him play like that! Get up, carry on.”

However, after looking at the replay a few minutes later, he was forced to reconsider his comment. He said later,

“Maybe looking at the challenge on Richarlison, maybe I was being a little bit harsh on him.”

Tottenham players criticize the Liverpool legend’s remark

Richarlison responded to the claims of he was play-acting. He posted a screenshot of the actual incident on his Instagram story. He also, said that there was nothing to worry about and that his injury was not serious.

Jamie O’ Hara criticized Carragher’s ‘harsh’ criticism of Richarlison.

The former Tottenham player said,

” I don’t think he was [theatrical].”

He explained the incident clearly saying,

“I think the two they were moaning about in the first half, one was a corner that came at him really quick and he headed it away and it frazzled him a little bit, and the second was an innocuous challenge that actually hurt him.”

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