Ricketts family’s Chelsea bid faces backlash from the club’s supporter group

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Many bidders have submitted their offers for a Chelsea takeover after Roman Abramovich announced the sale. Abramovich, who has hired US merchant bank Raine Group LLC for the sale are overseeing the matters. However, among many bids, one has massively enraged the Chelsea fans. Ricketts family has officially announced their bid for the Chelsea takeover, and the news has not gone well with the club’s supporters. Moreover, one of the Chelsea supporters clubs has even condemned the Ricketts family’s bid in a statement.

Ricketts family are the owners of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs. They bid for Chelsea just before the deadline which was set for the 18th of this month. But they are not the only bidders from the US, as American businessman Todd Boehly is leading a consortium as well for buying the London club. While the Evening Standard reports that Ricketts are one of the favorites, their past controversy has resurfaced and Chelsea fans have already registered their protest.

Supporters Club rebukes Ricketts’ Chelsea bid

Ricketts family has faced backlash from Chelsea’s Chicago Supporters Club itself. Brian Wolff, who heads the supporters club has released a statement criticizing and condemning the Ricketts family’s Chelsea bid. Wolff highlighted the issues of the redevelopment of Wrigley Field as well as the Ricketts’ political inclinations.

An abstract from Wolff’s statement read,

“I can report the vast majority of opinion (over the Ricketts family’s bid for Chelsea) has been of universal disdain. The Ricketts’ political donations, fundraising and support for candidates who do not share the inclusive views of Chelsea Football Club and its supporters are wholly inconsistent with 19 years of fantastic work done by the club and the Chelsea Foundation, most notably as a leader in committing to a living wage and efforts to protect and promote equality for BAME and LGBTQ+ communities”.

“Their ownership of Chicago Cubs baseball and redevelopment of Wrigley Field raises serious doubts whether they will build upon the club’s success on the pitch, and also the continued existence of the Chelsea Pitch Owners and the goal to keep Chelsea Football Club playing at Stamford Bridge at our forever home”.

Why the immense backlash?

The Ricketts have had some fair share of controversy with their past activities. The Head of the family, Joe Ricketts is a furious Donald Trump supporter who even supported the Republicans during the elections. Joe Ricketts did so with numerous donations to the pro-Donald Trump Super PAC. Moreover, Joe’s son, Todd further helped Trump in his re-election campaign.

Furthermore, Joe Ricketts caused a row after his comments about the Muslim community. Joe in his emails had blatantly written “Muslims are naturally my enemy”. Though he later apologized for his comments, the matter forever remains a gruesome stain on the Ricketts family. Moreover, reports are coming out of Cobham that a potential takeover from the Ricketts could also unrest many of the first-team players. According to multiple sources, Roman Abramovich has decided to shortlist four bids out of all the offers. Ricketts family may make the list, but there are serious doubts over their Chelsea bid being accepted.

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