Ex-Manchester United Criticizes Mikel Arteta’s Interaction with Salt Bae in Dubai

Rio Ferdinand has voiced his opinion on Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s recent encounter with celebrity chef Salt Bae. The incident took place during Arsenal’s training camp in Dubai. It has sparked a range of reactions from the football community and fans.

The controversy arose from a video circulating on social media. It showed Salt Bae feeding Arteta in his distinctive style at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, this display of interaction between the Arsenal manager and the chef garnered mixed reviews from fans. This included criticism from some Arsenal fans and now, comments from Rio Ferdinand.

The Salt Bae Incident and Arsenal Supporters’ Reactions

Arteta’s encounter with Salt Bae occurred during the Premier League winter break. Salt Bae sliced and served meat to Arteta, an act that has been widely discussed online.

Arsenal supporters’ reactions to the incident were varied. Some expressed concern that such distractions might hinder the team’s focus on winning titles. The incident also drew attention because of FIFA’s recent investigation into Salt Bae’s conduct during Argentina’s World Cup celebration.

This episode with Salt Bae raises many questions. Particularly about the balance between professional conduct and personal activities for public figures in sports. This is especially true during team-building events.

Ferdinand Critiqued Arteta’s Behavior

Rio Ferdinand shared his views on the Arteta incident on his show, ‘Vibe With Five’. Ferdinand had hosted Salt Bae at his wedding. Moreover, he remarked that he wouldn’t personally choose to be fed by Salt Bae, suggesting a preference for more traditional conduct.

Ferdinand commented that high-profile managers would likely avoid such “stupidness,” indicating his expectations for behavior from top football managers.

Ferdinand’s critique reflects his belief in maintaining a certain level of decorum for individuals in prominent managerial roles. Thus underscoring the scrutiny faced by public figures in football.

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