Roberto Firmino the underrated hero at Liverpool

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With the premier league season officially over, one more thing has come to its end. Jurgen Klopp will leave Liverpool and Klopp’s era at Liverpool is officially over. Klopp transformed the whole identity of Liverpool during his tenure and made them one of the best in the world. There were many key players who were a apart of this transformation, one name that is very underrated is Roberto Firmino. Klopp recently shed light on the Brazilian’s contribution to the team and how he maybe was one of the most pivotal role in the team.

Klopp’s Transformational Vision at Liverpool

Klopp is known for his philosophy of gegenpressing, and he joined Liverpool in October 2015 and implemented the system at Anfield. However, it isn’t that simple to execute a philosophy, Klopp needed players who could carry out his tactics effortlessly. The player that turned out to be perfect for this system was Firmino who joined few months after Klopp came to Liverpool.

Even though Firmino’s signing was not noticed by a lot of people, Klopp found something special in the Brazilian. Firmino may not be the best creator or scorer, but he had the ethics and hard work that Klopp needed at his team.

A question was asked to Klopp regarding building the perfect team his response was: “Make the team around Firmino.” This highlights how highly Klopp rates Firmino and how crucial the Brazilian was for Liverpool.

Firmino was not the traditional striker, his false nine role was revolutionary during that time. His ability to drop deep and build the play around him was remarkable. This selfless play of Firmino helped Salah and Sadio Mane become world class goal scoring wingers and this made all three of them a deadly trio.

Unsung Hero: The Firmino factor at Liverpool

Despite not being the top scorer and not the best player in the team, his contribution to the team has been invaluable. His on the field presence and his vision was very crucial for Liverpool’s attack and defensive gameplay. He was the main anchor of Klopp’s high pressing system and was responsible for the high defensive line.

Firmino’s ability to read the game and move it accordingly was so crucial and underrated. He could also transition into other positions and give Klopp the ability to make changes in the tactics according to the opposition.

Van Dijk also recognized Firmino’s brilliance. Van Dijk chose Firmino as the best player he ever played with. Liverpool legend John Barnes also picked Firmino as his favorite player to watch under Klopp’s era. Already knowing what it takes to shine, Barnes knows the quality Firmino possess and what he achieved during his time at Liverpool.

Firmino’s impact can never be understand through his stats. His impact on the team was way more than just goals and assist. His presence on the match and deciding the flow of the game is underrated.

Firmino may not be that star player under Klopp but his impact on the team has been very crucial. His ability and ball knowledge of executing Klopp’s vision on the pitch was phenomenal. In Klopp’s word, building a team around Firmino is the key to success.

Firmion’s legacy at Liverpool is a testament to what a person can achieve with determination and hard work to excel in the field. He is the underrated example of not giving up and being the best verison of yourself.

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